I Love You but F Off!!!

Don’t be the person being bled on.

I was chatting with a good friend, who was saying how hard it is when someone is being negative all the time. Every conversation they have is filled with hatred, resentment, and anger. You love this person to death, and you really want to be able to help them, but they’re not at a place where they wanna help themselves.

Having been in that kind of situation before, the only advice that I could give her was to make sure she stayed happy. Sometimes the people that we love need that extra push to be able to deal with their own issues.

I have often heard the comment, “But you don’t understand! I need to vent to somebody! I need to tell somebody about all these things that are horrible in my life!! I love you and I want you to listen to me!!”

But if that listening hurts, or brings you to the dark place, often called the dark pit of despair, you have to take a step back. You can tell that person I love you. I care about you. But I am not able to help you get better. Your negativity is beginning to affect my wellbeing.

Have some resources and contact information ready to give them. It is their choice to move forward. It is your choice to not move backwards.

Manitoba 211 24/7 Help Services

Mental Health to Emergency Housing.


May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I be happy. May I live with ease.

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