Faith Where is yours?

How much faith do I have in ice?

Faith is the complete trust and confidence in something or someone. Some people have faith in an entity they have never ever seen.

Most people have a need to have someone or some thing that is much stronger than they are, and who can protect them and care for them. This post isn’t about religion. It’s only about faith.

A friend of mine sat at the side of her daughter after a horrific car accident. She kept saying over and over again, “Please be OK. Please be OK. Please be OK. I need you with me. Please be OK.”

She put her trust and faith in her daughter to make it through this. Some would say it sounded like a prayer and it very much did. But the prayer was to her daughter to fight to live. Her daughter survived.

A friend’s grandchild had been diagnosed with a severe heart defect. It was going to take surgery and medical expertise to have this child survive. The grandmother had a mass at her church in the name of her grandchild. A prayer chain was given the task of praying for this child. The parents went on Facebook, asking everyone for prayers for their child. They had faith that their God would intervene and guide the doctors to save their child’s life. The child survived.

Humans need to have faith in someone or something. Many of us are fortunate to have a life partner or friend that we have complete confidence and trust in. No conditions. No fears. They will always help us if they can.

I do work hard to have faith in myself. The faith that I can work it out, find a solution, and continue with my happy life. But like many other people when things get so tough, and I have no control over the situation, I often ask for God’s help.

Faith can affect governments, religions, wars, and individuals. I trust and have confidence in humanity. That one day faith will come to all of us, faith in each other and ourselves. Fear is the enemy. Faith is all about love. Have faith in yourself and the good in our world.

May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I be happy. May I live with ease.

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