Werewolves Run From Me in Fear!

Full Moon

Throughout history, man has been enthralled with the moon. Storytellers speak of spirits, monsters, true love, and tragedies.

Ancient cultures believed that the moon guided every part of their lives. The Aztecs built their cities based on moon phases. The pyramids in Egypt are related to moon phases. Stonehedge in England is based on the moon and sun.

I really didn’t notice how the full moon affected me personally until I started to realize that ever time I had full blown argument with my husband, I would jump in the car and go for a drive to calm down and de-escalate the tension. (I always drove safely and lived way out in rural East Manitoba.)

On those drives at night, I discovered there was always a full moon. My first husband had the ability to make me feel less. But he had a very bad temper, and as a peacekeeper it was my job to keep him calm. I started to realize that during the full moon, I was much more assertive on my opinion. I would voice my concerns. When I was told I wasn’t good at something or that I wasn’t doing something right, I would defend myself and my actions.

This would automatically end up in a screaming match with lots of tears lots of crying and not exactly being reasonable on either side. After my divorce, I really did start to try to be able to control those strong emotions on that full moon night.

Hell, even our menstrual flows are based on the 28 day cycle of the moon. So I may not understand the science or biology but I am as sure as teens get pimples, that the moon affects us somehow.

I will go along my day, remembering to stop, look, and listen to ensure that I am being reasonable. Because I find myself on more of an emotional edge it is up to me to ensure that I don’t go over it.

Many times my coworkers and family have heard the comment, “Please forgive me for I’m a little touchy and in the full moon insanity phase. I will attempt to be as kind as possible. I will hope that you will be as forgiving as possible. Love you.”

I’m off to mingle with humanity. Wish me luck. Happy full moon day!!

May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I be happy. May I live with ease.

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