I Feel Beauty

I have always been driven to be able to replicate the beauty that my eyes could see, and the feeling that my heart could feel. If only one person has the same feelings looking at my photos then I have succeeded in sharing a gift.

Be it music, art, a novel, a poem, it must move all your senses. It must envelop you in it’s magic. All civilizations throughout history have performed ceremonies to elicit bravery, love, honour, and gratitude. We dance. We sing. We play instruments. We tell stories.

Hope Snow makes you smile today.

So my only wish for you today is to find those arts that make you smile and feel warm to the tips of your toes, or brings on the tears that have your heart tearing in a million pieces. Listen to stories and films that make you laugh until you cry and your stomach is sore. Move your heart and soul with beauty all around you. It’s there to comfort and feed you. To keep you strong in those moments when reality takes you back to the day to day struggles. Have that escape. You so deserve it.

Makes me feel wonderous every time I look at this. What will I see next?

May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I be happy. May I live with ease.

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