My Wrinkles

More wrinkles every day.

I love the sun and I love to laugh. When I cried I cried hard until my eyes were swollen shut. So here I am with skin hanging over my eyes and wrinkles from top to toe. But I love them because it means I survived. I haven’t had a super hard cry in years. But I have laughed and smiled a hundred times a day. I found this poem by Donna Ashworth and was driven to share it. Have a great day and smile lots!!!!

I have laughed.
Oh how I have laughed.
I have laughed so hard with so many wonderful people that I now wear the marks.
Mother Nature has engraved me as one, ‘who laughed whenever she could’.
I wear the tattoo of the joyful, and that makes me swell with pride.
How can I hate upon these lines when I remember the nights, the music, the dancing, the fun, the tears of laughter and the blindingly joyful light.
Give me a mark for every night I felt alive and I will show them to the world with pride.
I have laughed.
Oh how I have laughed.
I hope you have laughed too my friend.
And if you have not, start now.
It’s never too late.

Donna Ashworth

May I be safe. May I be healthy. May I be happy. May I live with ease.

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